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Friday, 11 May 2012

Sew Weekly: Becoming a Mother

Thank you all for your darling comments and positive vibes (even if you're usually just a reader/looker of my blog, thank you too! You're still a darling even if you're a lurker!), and Husbie sends his love too. We've had a magnificent and full on past 12 months, of ups and downs and swings and roundabouts, so it's really lovely sharing happy news online. I'm not often one to share the grumpy or sad news here, especially since I love creating positive things, and generally being a Positina Turner online.

Here's my Sew Weekly outfit this week, inspired by a gorgeous moment my Dad photographed of my Mum and I (the photo is just too cute!)... as we're all sewing along with Mother's and Family as our inspiration. I tried to interpret the colours she was wearing, but to make it a comfy and practical maternity outfit, because let's face it... I have a lot of growing to do over the next 4.5 months and stretch knit is the fabric for me to grow with.

The cardigan was the quickest to make, even though it was self drafted or self draped (!) as I just used my mannequin Diana to judge where the sleeve holes would sit, and I'm happy enough with the fit and the style as the loose drapey bits at the front can be wrapped across the front, tied at the back (Husbie discovered that one) and cuddled up to my neckline to create a scarf if I'm wearing wintery jackets over the top... so very practical for a pregz wintertime in Melbs... that's why I went for slim fitting sleeves, so I can wear under jackets.

The stretch knit dress is a Built By Wendy adaption (that book is, as I always say, invaluable for those tempting to use an overlocker) but this time I tried to channel Carolyn as well... as her stretch knit creates, and finishing with binding instructions are to DIE for in detail and she's really good at explaining her process. Her garments are always immaculate!

My neckline here is a little wonky, as I made it scoopier that the Built By Wendy allowed, I think I should have overlocked the binding a little tighter to 'pull it in' as I went along, as the binding now is a little loose (for you guys who care about detail, you can see in this shot below...) but I guess my bust will continue to grow too, so maybe a bit of wear and ironing could get that tighter?

Here's a shot of the cardigan, one long rectangle:

That's my favourite 'bump' shot out of the lot! And the one below is my favourite (and Husbie's too) photograph from our quick little early morning fashion shoot in West Footscray... and I'm sure not the last! Thank you again for your lovely wishes and I'll see you soon xoxo