Wednesday, 4 December 2013

4/31 A Summer Floppy Frock

Of course I can't be bitten by the sewing bug and just sew things for Baby Darling!

Today I finished a summer frock, based on my red dress from 2010 (because I wear it ALL the time when it's hot, and even to bed sometimes when I forget I'm wearing it), and I love it because it's floppy, has no zippers (it's just a wider bodice, that drapes well) and is cool for summer. Also because it's short, so I made this one a little different, short at the front but a little longer at the back (because isn't that fashion for you? Or my friends say FARSHUN)

So again, it was probably an hour of cutting and sewing... the hardest bit was the neck & arm binding because I just wanted to sew it quickly so of course fucked up the topstitching. All up maybe 2 hours including the photoshoot (thanks Doris Day for helping).

The fabric is very light synthetic, maybe a crepe (I always forget what that is) or georgette (can you tell I'm making this bit up?) and from the stash. I didn't bother trying to match the side crosses because I only had a metre and a half of it, and here it all is. The hem is the fabric edging (turned up and hemmed of course) so there was nothing left (had to use stash bias binding too).

I love it, and probably need to make another one before it gets HOT. I might see if I can change the neckline or armholes maybe... make it more capped sleeve for the next one. I'm really proud that I haven't bought any new work clothes for my 2 days a week in the office, so I'm dying to wear new things in (instead of 2 year old dresses), new as in HANDMADE NEW of course!

YAY! Four things I've made this month so far! I feel H.A.P.P.Y!


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