Monday, 9 December 2013

9/31 Green Party Dress

This Green Party Dress is a sad thing on the hanger, but I've wanted to get it up online quickly as this week we're going to Sydney for a little flit around before Christmas... it's a Vogue Donna Karan one, V1287 is the number, and fits well, if a little snug around the bewbs. A Va-Va-Voom perhaps?

But the dashing and darling thing about this dress, is the fabric is from Singapore from darling Sew Weekly babe Adey Lim's stash! The sweetheart sent me a little parcel a while back and I've been dying to make something with it! I'm not sure of the fabric's style but it's stretchy and yet still structured... not like cotton sateen, lighter... that's why I thought it'd suit the drapes... but it wasn't hard to sew with, or slippery... a very good blend all round! WOW I loved it, and wish for more already!

The pattern is the first new pattern I've sewn with in ages... I bought it this time last year, while a Vogue sale was on in Spotlight... because of the faux wrap front (I thought suitable for breastfeeding) and the lovely pockets. I didn't have enough fabric to do deep pockets, so adjusted them and the bodice length (usually I'm shorter from shoulder to bust) but I probably didn't need to adjust the bodice for next time... when I hopefully sew this again with more fabric.

The annoying bit was the drapery bits, the shoulders, the waist and then the skirt front was all pleated and folded this way... then that...  way then basted...  then basted a different way... And I don't like all that dicking around... I guess it pays off though.


What do you guys do for draping when it says (and shows in the diagram) that the pleats are basted vertically - like a TOPSTITCH on the pleat... do you leave it or stitch it up and then take the thread out? It said to baste each pleat, then baste horizontal over the top of the pleats (ie along the edge of the piece)... but didn't refer to taking out the stitches... and then a drawing further down the instructions didn't show the basting/topstitching. I'm confused!?

Thanks team, catch you soon!

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